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Frequently asked questions

How does Cash for Gift Card help?

When you want to sell your unused gift cards and are in need of instant cash from a gift card, we provide exactly the same service.

Cash for Gift Card works in the unused gift card market that is increasing by 90 billion dollars every year. And likewise, there are billions worth of unused gift cards that are purchased every year which could be used for instant cash for gift cards.

We accept a minimum of $[xx] value and a maximum of $[xx] on the gift cards. There are exceptions in some brands which will be mentioned when you exchange gift cards for cash.

Yes, when you have to sell gift cards online instantly with $[xx] value or more every month, you can join our bulk client program. If you are interested, you can go to our Sell Gift Card page or contact us at [xxxxxx] to get started!

You can visit our Sell gift card page which gives all the instructions to convert your unwanted and idle cards instantly into cash. You will just have to fill up the form and provide all the information and our team will get in touch with you instantly, within 10-60 minutes, for processing your request.

It depends on the type/brand of card you want to sell. But usually, we provide up to a maximum of 90% of the total gift card’s value. You can find out the payout rate when you fill-up the form on Sell gift card page.

We provide many different payment options that give instant cash for your gift cards. These payment modes are electronic and include Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Google pay, and many others.

We provide safe and secure payments to our customers who want to sell gift cards online instantly as we are PCI compliant.

It doesn’t take much time. We send cash instantly, within 10-60 minutes, after processing your request.

We are sorry to hear that but unfortunately, we cannot provide you with instant cash in this case.

If your gift card is registered under someone else name and you want to sell gift card instantly, then please send an email to [xxxxxxx] with the Subject line “Card registered under someone else name”. We will try to process your card.

No, you cannot sell gift cards that are from outside the US.

No, we don’t accept gift cards for cash with expiration dates. We also restrict the promotional gift cards as they work only in limited locations or for a few selective products.

In case you do not want to continue when you wanted to previously sell gift cards instantly, then you can email our support team at [xxxxxxxx] to cancel it.

When we are not able to verify your gift card we might cancel your request. Other times, you might’ve sent a confirmation mail to verify details that need to be responded to within a few minutes. When failed to do so, your request might get canceled. But in case you didn’t receive any mail mentioning the cancellation, then please write to our support team.

When your order to sell gift card gets canceled, it signifies that your card or transaction got rejected. It happens due to three main reasons:

The balance that you entered didn’t match the actual balance on the card.

The card number or pin was not entered correctly.

The transaction got declined by our external verification system. We cannot know the reason why the system declined the request to sell gift card instantly but we trust its authenticity that it did it to protect our customers.

In the case of 1) and 2), you can reenter your card details on Sell Gift Card page for approving your transaction.

We do this to ensure the safety of our customers and provide a positive experience with us.

Yes, we will ask you about gift card details including card number and PIN so that we can get it processed whereas you get instant cash. We do this to protect ourselves from gift card frauds. Besides this, there are many other hidden methods that we follow for verifying your identity. That we won’t be revealing obviously cause they are hidden.

No, we need a valid gift card for verification to provide cash from your gift card. We don’t require a bank or debit card.

Cash for Gift Card is registered and operational in the United States of America. We need ID verification before giving payouts to act in accordance with anti-money laundering laws of United States and Canada. This process is followed only once such that you won’t need to do identity verification for your future orders (it depends on the amount of payout). The identification is also done to make the process faster. All the information that you provide to Cash for Gift Card is collected internally for ID verification only and is never shared with any third party. You can inquire about this more on Contact us page in case of any further query

The balance of your gift card might change after you have sent your request, as it shows that the process has started and your payment is being processed. Cash for Gift Card understands that your gift card is equivalent to money and we handle it seriously. Whenever we receive details for any card on our website, it undergoes the process of security and verification that is designed to process your order and keep your money protected.

For instance, when you mistakenly submit a gift card that has zero balance, the system will automatically detect it, then after canceling the order it will notify you about the inconsistency. Every order that we receive is different from others, and thus takes different amount of time for receiving the payment. We always focus on providing you with the payout as fast as possible.

Our policy states that we provide instant cash for gift cards and we remain true to our words in all conditions. For more personal inquiries regarding this, you can email us at [xxxxxxx].

Our customer care services are available from 8 am to 8 pm EST on weekdays and 10 am to 3 pm on weekends. When you face a problem to sell gift cards for cash, you can call us at [xxxxxxxxx] or send an email to [xxxxxxxxxxx]. We usually respond to all the queries outside the working hours within 48 hours.