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Eliminate your financial distress by turning gift cards into hard cash.

Cash for Gift Card works diligently to provide you with instant cash whenever you need it. We help with converting unused and unwanted gift cards into cash, especially when you are facing a financial crisis. You can also sell gift cards online with no transaction costs involved! Our focus is not just on providing the cash in return but also to support you by providing excellent post-transaction services whenever you need them. You will not go anywhere and keep coming back to us once you have checked our high payout rates.

Our aim is to meet your expectations and give you the financial capacity you need. Understanding the market conditions, we focus on instant payout to fulfill urgent customer needs. We follow a customer-centric approach to provide the best solutions.


We take continuous steps toward providing customer-friendly services that can transform your gift card into a money-minting machine.



Our vision is to cater to the customers’ financial needs by exchanging gift cards for cash instantly, within 10-60 minutes, across all the states in the US.


We provide value addition in our customer’s life and enlarge our story with integrity, reliability, and diligence towards our customers.


Milestones and Accolades


Cash for Gift Card launched its brand new website so that customers can sell their gift cards by following simple steps.

Cash for Gift Card rebranded itself with a new logo and brand language that speaks for itself.

2,000+ gift cards were sold through our website within a quarter.

Cash for Gift Card became a team of more than 20 employees

Cash for Gift Card signed up with 100+ gift card brands.

Introduced more new quick payment options for providing instant online payments.

Paid cash to more than 10,000 customers during the last twelve months


As people required more money, Cash for Gift Card improved its support channel to process more orders related to selling gift cards.

Customers' demands to add more new brands were executed by our professionals giving them instant money in their time of need

Cash for Gift Card accepted all different types of gift cards which were refused by other companies

Gave higher payout rates to the existing customers who were needing instant cash for gift cards during the pandemic.


After the Covid outbreak, the Cash for Gift Card turned into a great asset for providing financial support to millions of people across the US.

Fulfilled existing customers' queries and assisted with them making stronger bonds

Cash for Gift Card hired 5+ employees in the support team at work-from-home positions

Customers looking for cash from gift cards in [xx] reached us throughout the year.


Cash for Gift Card launched its website in two more states in the US to provide instant cash for gift cards

The total number of orders from customers increased by 1.5 times during 2019.

Cash for Gift Card surpassed the number of customers with 3000+ base

Cash for Gift Card was continuously getting requests from the customers to expand into their states so they could avail of our instant cash for gift card services.


Cash for Gift Card continuously progressed and started serving in one more state namely [xx].

We started developing our digital presence with our website.

We assisted more than 3000+ customers during 2018 in selling gift cards.

We increased the number of brands of cards we work for by x times as the year ended.


Cash for Gift Card expanded with 25+ gift card brands within the first month of 2017.

We developed better strategies and found solutions for the bottlenecks faced in our industry.

We served more than 2000+ customers by exchanging their gift card for cash.

We expanded our cards portfolio to 150+ cards including Amazon gift card, ebay gift card, Arco gift card, Starbucks e gift card, Walmart gift card, and Rei gift card.


Cash for Gift Card was founded by [xx] with the idea to provide cash to customers in need in exchange for unused gift cards

Started in the secondary gift card market for those who wanted to sell unwanted gift cards

Within six months of launching the operations, Cash for Gift Card received 1000+ orders from customers to sell gift cards instantly.

Cash for Gift Card helped 100+ customers every month towards the end of 2016

Progressed through early challenges and satisfied 1000+ customers during the financial year.

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