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Did you know according to The Hustle, around 10% to 19% of gift card balances are left unused, and approximately 6% of gift cards go entirely untouched? Gradually, these small percentages translate into significant sums of money over time. This blog includes information on how to use gift cards with small balances effectively to increase savings. Read on if you are interested in tips on using gift cards with less balance in the best possible way.

Importance of Gift Cards with Small Balances

According to CNBC, the United States has approximately $21 billion in unused gift cards. One of the reasons is people do not know how to use up gift card balance. Effectively using gift cards with small balances is essential for several reasons, and understanding these reasons can help individuals make the most of their gift card resources. Here's an explanation:

Value Preservation

Even a small balance on a gift card represents a monetary value. By effectively using these small balances, you ensure you get the total value of the gift card. It's like finding loose change and putting it to good use rather than letting it go to waste.


Gift cards with small balances can be a budget-friendly way to make purchases. If you're on a budget or trying to save money, these small balances can work in your favor, especially for everyday expenses.

Reduces Waste

When you don't use the remaining balance on a gift card, it often goes unused or expires, resulting in wasted money. This affects your finances and contributes to a more significant issue of unused gift card balances collectively going to waste.


Small gift card balances can be convenient for small, unplanned purchases. You can use these balances instead of carrying cash or using your credit card for minor expenses, making transactions more streamlined and efficient.

Economical Gifting

If you receive gift cards with small balances, you can use them to purchase gifts for others. This way, you can share the gift card with someone else, making thoughtful gestures without spending additional money.

Reward Programs

Some retailers offer reward programs or incentives for using gift cards, even with small balances. By effectively using these gift cards, you might earn loyalty points, discounts, or other benefits that can lead to more savings in the long run.

Environmental Impact

Reducing waste using small gift card balances also has a positive environmental impact. It minimizes the production and disposal of plastic or paper gift cards, contributing to sustainability efforts. This way, you know how to use up your gift card balance.

Tips to Use Gift Cards with Small Balances Effectively

Effective use of gift cards with small balances is not just about managing your finances. It's a practical and responsible approach that ensures you get the most out of every gift card, reduces waste, and can even lead to unexpected savings and rewards. It's a small but meaningful step toward efficient money management and a more sustainable lifestyle. Let's review some tips to help you understand how to use gift cards with small balances.

Check Your Balance

The first step is to check the balance to make the most of your gift card, especially if it is low. You can do this by visiting the retailer's website, calling a customer service number, or visiting the store in person. It's essential to keep track of your balance to plan your spending accordingly.

Combine Balances

Some retailers and gift card platforms offer the option to merge several gift cards into one. This simplifies the process of tracking and using your funds, reducing the risk of losing or forgetting about small balances. Combining multiple small gift card balances onto a single card makes managing and using them easier.

Use for Everyday Expenses

Gift cards with small balances can be used for necessities like groceries, gas, or even your morning coffee. This strategic approach ensures that you're using your gift card funds in a way that complements your daily life. This is one creative way to explain how to use gift cards with small balances. With this option, we know how to use up gift card balances.

Reloadable Cards

Some gift cards are reloadable, meaning you can add more money after the initial balance is used up. This can be a convenient way to continue using the same card for small purchases, reducing the need for new gift cards.

Gift Card Exchanges

Online platforms and services allow you to trade or sell unwanted gift cards. This way, you can convert the value of those cards into cash or cards that you'll use more effectively. This tip highlights the option to exchange or sell unwanted gift cards, even for small balances.

Online Shopping Hacks

Online shopping offers numerous opportunities for savings, such as applying discount codes, taking advantage of cashback offers, and stacking multiple forms of payment to use up small gift card balances efficiently. This way, you can maximize the value of your gift card by using a small balance.

Donate to Charity

Donating to charity is a meaningful way to use small gift card balances. Many charities accept gift cards as donations, and in some cases, you may be eligible for tax deductions, further increasing the value of your gift card.

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In this blog, we have learned how to use up gift card balance efficiently. Checking your balance, combining small balances onto one card, and integrating gift cards into everyday expenses are just a few strategies we've explored. By following these tips and strategies, you'll be well-equipped to know how to use gift cards with small balances in the most effective way and make the most of your gift cards. If you want to sell your gift card at a reputable online platform, please get in touch with us at Cash for Gift Card.

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