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In our blog we are going to teach you the whole process to sell gift cards instant payment. You will learn the basics of selling gift cards online and receive cash instantly. You will not regret spending your time here!

Start turning your gift cards into cash and get INSTANT PAYMENT. We will provide ways to tackle your concern about whether IT IS WORTH SELLING YOUR GIFT CARD. Plus how long it takes for receiving payment in REALITY.

Go along with us. And get clarity over this. Let’s get to it.

Where to Sell Your Gift Cards: Gift Card Selling Sites

The Gift Cards can be sold instantly on the online GIFT CARD SELLING SITES. These sites give a perfect and SAFE platform for selling your gift cards.

According to stats, 48.5% of the leading online retailers currently accept gift cards.(Digital Commerce 360, Mageplaza)

Isn’t that awesome??

Now you won’t need to go physically anywhere. You can sell your UNUSED, UNWANTED gift cards in the comfort of your home. The online gift card selling sites are very EASY to navigate. Just scroll around and look for their gift card sell page.

Some gift card selling sites let you list your gift card on their website, where the buyers can directly purchase them. You then receive instant payment in your bank.

Cool, right?

All these sites provide many different brands that are available across the world. You can browse through the list of brands on those gift card selling sites. But there is a DISADVANTAGE to this. Wanna know?

Even when they have listed your gift on their website. It takes a while for you to receive cash in exchange for your gift card. Depending on when you find the suitable buyer for your gift card. And money reaches your account within. Although we can’t rule out the fact that it makes you EARN MORE MONEY.

There is one such gift card selling site- Cash For Gift Card! This site is perfect for you- Especially when- you want instant cash. (WITHIN JUST 60 MINUTES!) They convert 700+ gift cards into cash instantly. And they have worked with multiple gift card companies.

Their process of selling gift cards doesn’t depend on when the buyers will arrive to purchase your gift card. Plus they provide relatively good deals on your gift cards. They provide many forms of modes of payment. PAYPAL. CASH APP. VENMO. ZELLE. GOOGLE PAY. AND MANY MORE!!

Cash For Gift Cards is a very RELIABLE gift card company. They provide safe transactions of your card details over their websites. And never save it online to keep it out of reach of online thefts. Next we are going to explain the process followed by them for selling gift cards online.

Process Of Selling Gift Cards Online For Cash

The process of selling gift cards (be it physical or digital, both are acceptable!) online is simple on the Cash For Gift Cards website.

  • ⚫First go to their SELL GIFT CARD page.
  • ⚫There you can see the small form. This form includes a list of BRAND NAMES. And TOTAL BALANCE in $.
  • ⚫Select the brand name. Fill in the total balance.
  • ⚫Click on the Get Best Offer button. And BOOM! You’re done. RECEIVE YOUR PAYOUT OFFER.

What happens next is this- You will be amazed on the payout offer provided by Cash For Gift Cards. And one last step, sorry to disappoint you. But this is a crucial step. Submit your documents for verification. Here you go. Receive money in any of your favorite mode of payment.

Transferring Money from Gift Card to Cash APP

For manually transferring money from gift card to cash app. First step is to add your bank account to the cash app. (** hint: you could save a lot of your time by using the Cash For Gift Cards site)

Follow these steps to do so:
  1. ⚫Log in to your Cash app account.
  2. ⚫Select ‘Linked Banks’.
  3. ⚫Tap on ‘Link Bank’ ( it could be your bank account or prepaid debit card)
  4. ⚫Follow along the next instructions given to you.

Adding money from a gift card to your cash app is EASY. (**JUST A BUNCH OF FEW STEPS MORE..)

Just follow these simple steps:
  1. ⚫Select ‘Banking’ on the Home Screen of Cash app.
  2. ⚫Tap ‘Add Cash’
  3. ⚫Select the desired amount.
  4. ⚫Select ‘Add’.
  5. ⚫Finally, enter your PIN or touch ID for confirmation

But this might look complicated. A lot of hard work too! (We suggest instead go to section: Process Of Selling Gift Cards Online For Cash, If you are serious for selling your gift card)

Bonus: How to Cash out Gift Cards at ATM

Until you want to break your legs. OPT for this option. (JUST KIDDING!). But this is limited in some sense. It TOTALLY DEPENDS ON whether your GIFT CARD ISSUERS ALLOWS ATM or other FOREIGN TRANSACTION. Rest works the same as using a normal debit/credit card on the ATM machine.


We hope we tackled all of your worries in regards to sell gift cards instant payment. The basics you learnt here will provide benefits in the long run. We highly recommend using an online gift card selling site for selling your gift cards. That too without any hard work! In addition we provided you with some knowledge of cash app as well. But it is not a convenient way. As the online gift card selling sites are already providing you with various modes of payment.

Cash For Gift Cards is the best suited out of them for instant payments. We have provided you with the whole procedure to follow there.It’s just a few clicks and enters. Nothing much. We value all gift cards, so you can sell them at our website, Cash For Gift Cards, in exchange for cash. You can sell both physical or digital gift cards. We have lots and lots of new brands working with us. So, give it a go. Bye for now. Hope you enjoyed our company until now! So, give it a go. Bye for now. Hope you enjoyed our company until now!