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Are you familiar with gift cards? Gift cards are prepaid stored-value money cards which retailers and payment apps issue to encash while buying any particular brand products in future. In the age of cut-throat competition, gift cards are a master plan used by many brands to hold the existing customers and reach out to new customers too.

According to Data Bridge Market Research, gift cards have shown significant growth, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.6% from 2023 to 2030. The gift card market share is expected to rise to USD 699,015.16 million by 2030. There are more than 700 brands that are selling their gift cards and many more are in the queue. But most of the gift cards are not used by customers, resulting in the wastage of the gift card’s monetary potential.

If you have unused gift cards and tell people, "I want to sell my gift card instantly", you are at the right place. We help you get a better offer for your gift cards. This blog will provide all the details regarding our process of selling gift cards online. We will also inform you of the advantages of using our platform and the type of gift cards we accept.

Why Sell Your Gift Cards?

Million-dollar gift cards get wasted every year, which have monetary benefits. In this case, we at Cash for Gift Card come into play. In exchange, we buy all those unused gift cards and provide the cash amount directly into your bank account.

Here we will inform you how to convert your gift cards into good financial assets. The following are the key points:

Brand Preference: To encash the gift cards, you need to buy that particular brand's product, which is impossible as some people have fixed choices and want to avoid trying new brands.

Same product: People don’t want to buy multiple products of the same kind. If you already have multiple pairs of shoes, why would you invest money in buying a new pair of shoes just to use a gift card? No, you won’t.

Financial need: Some people need money; in that case, you also sell their gift cards and get cold cash in exchange. It is a smart way of making extra money to strengthen yourself financially.

How Our Process Works?

Selling gift cards is simple and done easily with the least effort. You have to be sure that your gift cards are not expired. All the gift cards come with expiry dates on them. Selling gift cards on Cash For Gift Card is a three-step process. Here are those steps:

Choose the brand: Choose the brand of the gift card you want to sell from our list of 700+ brands. We accept almost all famous brand’s gift cards.

Fill in the details: Fill in personal, gift card, and medium payout details. We use these details to complete your request instantly.

Payment: You will receive the payment instantly in your bank account in the span of 10 minutes to 60 minutes. The little time taken in the process is used to verify your filled details.

Advantages of Using Our Platform

There are many advantages to using our platform; here are some:

Customer satisfaction: We have good customer satisfaction and good repeat customers on our website who repeatedly sell gift cards there.

Easy Process: Our process is very simple and direct. You have to fill in just the basic details of your gift cards. Your details are verified, and your money gets credited to your bank account after the basic verification process.

Instant and safe Payment: You will not have to say how to sell my gift card instantly as we do this for you. We will instantly credit the amount to your account in less than 60 minutes. Payment is very safe and secure.

Good customer support: We have very good customer support and will resolve all your queries on our 24/7 support service. We will resolve all the payment-related issues on our website and provide an instant update.

What Type of Gift Cards Do We Accept?

There are two types of gift cards that we accept; here are those :

Digital gift card: Digital gift cards are those cards that are a new trend. As the world is coming on the internet, this is the new way brands promote their products to keep themselves in trend. Digital gift cards are fast processed, and it has good reach as well.

Physical gift card: Physical gift cards are paper cards which serve the same purpose as digital gift cards. You need to send the physical gift cards to our address and share the card details with us. We process it accordingly, and you get the money for your gift card.


To conclude, we assure you that you will never say, sell my gift card instantly. At Cash For Gift Card, we help you increase your extra income by giving you money in exchange for your gift cards. We are consumer friendly. We buy gift cards at a maximum of 90 per cent resale value which is the best in the market.

Our customer satisfaction rate is also good. We are very cooperative and efficient and help you whenever you need it. Our payment methods are safe and secure. Be careful regarding the validity of the gift cards while filling in details; expired gift cards do not work. It is better to sell the gift cards before the expiry date.

What are you waiting for? Cash For Gift Card is the best platform that fills the gap between non-used gift cards and their monetary value. This is the best opportunity you have right now: sell your gift cards on our platform and get the best-selling value for your gift cards. To know more about our service, you may contact us.