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Do you have gift cards you don’t have access to or no longer pique your interest? Are you wondering, “How can I get rid of these unwanted cards before they expire?” The options are plentiful, and you have come to the right place!

In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can make the most of your gift cards while on the way to earn some extra income. If you want to sell gift cards for cash instantly, then read till the end and learn about the best ways to sell not just your Puma gift card online but other unwanted gift cards as well.

Overview of the Puma Gift Card

Puma is one of the most popular sportswear brands that designs and develops sporting goods and footwear to fulfill the needs of an athletic lifestyle. People search for Puma gift cards and vouchers to offer discounts while shopping. Due to their high demand, gift vouchers and Puma cards are popular among customers.

Essential Tips to Note While Selling Your Gift Card Online

⚫Ensure that the gift card you put up for sale is undamaged.

⚫Ensure that the gift card is unused.

⚫Check whether the card has expired.

⚫See if the gift card fulfills all the requirements.

⚫Compare fees and rates of different platforms.

⚫Read genuine reviews by customers to ensure legitimacy.

⚫Be cautious of phishing attempts and frauds.

⚫Always protect the information on your gift card.

Various Methods to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Online Instantly

Do you have Puma gift cards that don’t interest you, or you don’t have access to them? It would help if you considered selling them and making extra income from the ease of your home. If you have a pile of unwanted and unused gift cards in your stationery, you should check out the upcoming sections where we have listed the best platforms to sell gift cards for cash instantly.

After all, selling gift cards online isn’t as complicated as you think. To save your precious time by doing tons of research and make your work easy and convenient, we list the best ways to help you turn your card into instant cash.

Selling Your Card to a Website

Several websites will purchase your gift card and give you instant payment. Ensure that the gift card you put up for sale has not expired and is in mint condition. Before listing your gift card for sale, read the customer reviews on the website. It is important to note that when you sell your card on a website, you won’t be paid the total amount of the gift card.

Selling Your Gift Card by Using a Mobile App

Some gift card trading companies also have mobile apps other than websites where you can sell your gift card by following a few simple steps:

⚫ Download the app

⚫ Create an account (if required)

⚫ Enter the details of the card

⚫ Choose a payment method.

By selling your gift card through an app, you still can’t expect to get the full initial value of your Puma gift card online.

Selling Your Gift Card on an E-Commerce Website

If you are hesitant to sell your gift card on a gift card trading website, try selling it on an e-commerce website like eBay or Craigslist. A website like eBay is likely to take a platform fee. Also, consider that you will have to ship it to the receiver. It is important to note that even though you can list your gift card at the same price it is valued, it will sell better if you list it for a lesser value.

Selling through Social Media and Forums

In this digital age, many people are heading towards social media to sell various items. You should consider exploring different social media platforms and forums through which you can quickly sell your Puma gift card online. You can connect with potential buyers on community-driven platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Reddit’s Gift Card exchange. But before selling your gift card, ensure the buyer is genuine and the transaction process is secure.

Benefits of Selling Your Puma Gift Card Online

You can benefit by selling your Puma gift card online in several ways:

⚫ You can utilize the full value of your gift card before they expire.

⚫ You can make money from the ease of your home.

⚫ You can earn extra profit if you sell your gift cards in bulk.

⚫ You can profit more if you price the gift cards more than their face value.


We have explored the various ways you can sell your Puma gift card online, such as selling your gift card to a website, selling it through a mobile application, or putting it up for sale on an e-commerce site. With the strategies we listed in this blog, you no longer need to worry about the pile of gift cards gathering dust or occupying space in your wallet.

To fulfill the customer’s financial needs, we at Cash for Gift Card work diligently to provide instant cash payment within 10-60 minutes across all states in the USA. If you want to learn more about making money from your gift card, contact us. Head to our website for more information on selling your gift card with no transaction cost.