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Remember that feeling as a kid? When you desperately need a few extra bucks and unexpectedly find some in your old denim or in between the pages of your books! That sigh of relief and excitement.

Cut to today when you are all grown up, sitting in your room decluttering your stationery drawer, and a pile of shopping gift cards pop up! Unexpectedly! That same feeling! Until you realize you'll have to utilize all of them before they expire.

And now you know you need to take quick action, or your money will be far off your reach. Are you looking to convert your gift card into cash without compromising your monetary privacy? There are several ways to use your gift cards. One is by selling gift cards online and taking proper advantage of your gift.Yes! You can sell that gift card!

Don't know how to sell a gift card and earn a few extra dollars? Or are confused about which platform is right to sell gift cards for cash instantly?

Here Are Some Actionable Steps To Convert Gift Cards Into Cash:

You can visit a website that deals with gift card trading. Like we at Cash For Gift Card do it for you. We provide you with the opportunity to get cash for gift cards instantly. We have a significantly large number of brands working with us and over 700 gift cards to choose from. Make sure to check if your gift card has not crossed its expiry date.

For the conversion of gift cards, you need to verify your details accurately. Once done with that, you’ll receive cash instantly.

In verification of selling gift cards online, you are required to provide card details and PIN so we, in return, provide you with cash instantaneously. This procedure is followed to protect ourselves and your data from card fraud. We believe in extensively verifying your information so there remains a sense of transparency and security on both ends.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Selling Gift Cards Online

1.Visit the Cash For Gift Card main website.

2.On the website, click on sell gift cards.

3.Scroll down, and you’ll see the blank form. Fill in your details, like selecting the brand of your gift card and entering its amount.

4.Thereafter, a verification process will take place. Submit your document for verification.

5.Once verified, within 30-60 minutes, you’ll have your money in your bank account.

6.You see how smooth it is!

Some Facts Related To Gift Cards

Know that nearly 94% of Americans have sent or received a gift card at some point or occasion in their lifetime. This shows the value of these gift cards as they work as both a last-minute gift and quite a flexible one, too, because of the freedom to choose. And ⅓ of these people never use those gift cards. Sometimes they just don’t know how to use this free money. In 2019, almost 3 billion dollars in gift cards went unused.

What is surprising yet somehow makes sense is that the majority of investment in gift cards was done by MEN.

Therefore, we suggest you either use your gift card(free money) or give it to someone who can. And BEST if you use this gift to earn some money.

Selling gift cards for the best value can be easy if you remember a few key tips.

There are many benefits of selling your gift cards online, as follows:

1.You can’t earn money from unwanted gifts. But you can earn money by selling unwanted gift cards and investing it on gift cards you like or on other purchases.

2.Converting cash for gift cards gives you immediate access to money.

3.If you didn’t use a gift card in the first three months, most probably, you are not going to use it later either. In such a scenario, it's best to sell your gift cards online before they expire.

Why Choose Cash For Gift Card?

We know it feels terrible when your self-purchased gift card or gifted by someone else fails to fulfill its purpose. Be it because of expiry dates, or maybe it's just of no good use to you. We have been there too, and have felt the same!

That is why we aim to ensure proper usage of gift cards you particularly don't need. Instead, make some better use of it and earn some extra cash.

We maintain vigilance while processing monetary transactions and provide instant cash. Even with no transaction costs included, you can sell gift cards online. Our work is not finished just by providing you cash instantly. We also aim to support you with smooth post-transaction services whenever you need them. Based on the evaluation of the market conditions, our goal circles around instant payout to fulfill the financial urgency of our customers.

This reliability and diligence towards our service have helped us build long-term relationships with our custom haves and have helped us earn reliability and genuineness.


In conclusion, the idea of selling gift cards online is a hit. You learned all the necessary steps to follow to sell your gift cards. If you still have more doubts or queries regarding any procedure, then we look forward to resolving them for you. At Cash For Gift Card, we provide complete satisfaction and customer support. Call us at tel:+1 425-426-3360 or drop us an email at