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So you are fed up of seeing unused gift cards creating clutter! No one likes to hoard unwanted gifts or gift cards. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about the gifts. However, with gift cards, there are not many limitations! You have the luxury of buying something from that gift card or passing it to someone who needs it. The possibilities are endless.

We can see that you have narrowed down to selling your gift card online and are searching for some guidance to get instant cash for gift cards. Then worry not; you have landed on the right page, buddy! In this blog, we will be the torch bearer for you. We will help you navigate the safe and secure options and procedures of selling gift cards online.

In this article, we will discuss a few advantages and disadvantages of giving and receiving gift cards, both from the perspective of customers.

Here Is Your Guide To Get Cash For Gift Cards Instantly

Choose A Reputable Gift Card Company:

Research and determine which online platform offers the best rates and discounts. Check if they have a good market reputation and earned reliability from customers. Following word-of-mouth recommendations can also help and will keep you far from online gift card malpractices. We suggest you visit site like Cash For Gift Card to get best rates and instant cash.

Check The Balance Of Your Gift Card:

You must know the balance amount! And you can effortlessly find the exact balance of your gift card before you sell it online. All you have to do is call the customer service number given on the back of your gift card and enquire about the exact amount. You can also visit the retailer’s website by entering your gift card number to check the balance. A few of the sites ask for gift card PINs as well.

Create An Account On The Shortlisted Gift Card Company:

Visit the website of the gift card company and click on the create account button or link. Fill out the registration form and verify your email address by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email address. You may be prompted to set up some additional security features like two-factor authentication or a security question to help ensure your account protection. Also read the term and conditions.

Add Your Gift Card For Sale:

Once your account creation step is completed and verified, you can list your gift card for sale online. For this, you need to provide some basic information about the gift card. This includes information such as the name of the retailer brand, the exact balance in your account, and the expiration date of the gift card. Check that your card has not crossed its expiration date, else you won’t be able to sell gift cards online.

Set A Realistic Selling Price And Get Instant Cash:

You can now begin by listing the selling price according to your will. However, most sites suggest prices based on the balance in your account and the popularity of the card. You should know that some retailers also take service charges to sell gift cards online. You need to look for a company that does not ask for a commission or any payments.

Our recommendation for a certified and trustable gift card company is Cash For Gift Card. We convert your gift cards into free money and transfer the converted cash into your account within 60 minutes. You can use it anywhere to buy new gift cards you like or any other purchase.

Advantages Of Selling Gift Cards Online

There are many merits of getting cash for gift cards online, as follows:

Convenient: Converting gift cards into cash is much more convenient than selling them online. You can list your card online and buy new cards in return or earn free money. All in the comfort of your home.

Competitive Prices: Online prices of gift cards are highly competitive, which results in buyers ready to pay a higher amount for your gift cards. Competitive prices will benefit you in selling your gift card online.

Free Money: If you didn’t use a gift card in the first three months of purchase, there is a higher probability of you not using it. In such cases, it’s best to sell gift cards online before they expire and earn some free money.

Immediate Financial Help: Gift cards are like a boon when it comes to the endless possibilities to choose from. When in urgent need of a few extra bucks, cash in exchange for gift cards can provide it to you in no time.

Reduced Clutter: You can’t eliminate cluttered undesired gifts, but you can declutter those unwanted gift cards. Gift cards give you the liberty to select and buy yourself something of your choice.

About Cash For Gift Card

You should make sure your cards are distributed by credible retailers only to prevent fraud and scams.With Cash For Gift Card, you can effortlessly convert gift cards into money. We deal with over 700 brand gift cards enabling you to choose from a wide range of options. Once you list your card to sell, within 30-60 minutes we provide your gift card money.

Not only do we sell gift cards for cash instantly, but we also prioritize secure monetary transactions. With us, you don’t have to pay any transaction cost whatsoever! You can enjoy the converted free money by providing your card and bank details. Upon your identity verification, we transfer this money directly into your account.

We evaluate the market conditions and focus on the instant payout to support the financial urgency of our customers. So now, like other sites, you don’t need to sit and wait for someone to buy your gift card. You can get instant cash from us. The diligence and reliability of our service have helped us build long-term relationships with our customers.


In conclusion, selling gift cards online has multiple benefits, including convenience of getting gifts of your choice. Given that you take note of a few important factors before selling a gift card online. Always do a thorough research and choose a reputable platform to ensure the safety and fairness in your transaction. Don’t forget to give a quick scan to the terms and conditions associated with getting instant cash for gift cards online.

Got more queries regarding selling gift cards online? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d be happy to resolve any doubts and questions you may have. Cash For Gift Card customer service will ensure your complete satisfaction. Feel free to call us at tel:+1 425-426-3360 or drop us an email at