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Gift cards are a common way of showing love towards family and friends, but sometimes this love can end up forgotten in a drawer, unused and unappreciated. Rather than just gathering dust, you can actually sell your card online and get instant cash in return. This way, you will get great support in times of financial emergencies. So, if you are thinking of selling your Baskin Robbin gift cards, we have got you covered.

We will be discussing the top reasons why you should sell gift card online. Additionally, we will cover the top websites where you can sell these cards, along with the things that you need to be mindful of before selling your gift cards online. Let's get started.

Why You Should Sell Your Gift Cards Online?

Many of us have gift cards somewhere in our house, which we have not seen for months. Well, now it is time to find those cards and make a profit by selling them online. Here are several compelling reasons why you should consider selling your gift cards rather than allowing them to stay unused:

Instant Cash for Gift Cards

One compelling reason to sell your gift card is the opportunity to get instant cash. Instead of letting your gift card sit unused, selling it provides immediate cash value that you can utilize as per your needs and preferences. So, in case you get caught by immediate money need, sell your gift card and use that instant cash to cover your bills.

Convenient to Sell

With the availability of multiple online platforms, you can now sale gift card instantly without having to deal with lengthy processing times at physical stores. These platforms offer simple procedures, allowing you to quickly upload your gift card details, receive offers, and complete transactions in the comfort of your home. This convenience saves time and effort, making it simpler than ever to turn your unused gift cards into cash.

Avoid Paying Unnecessary Card Charges

Certain gift cards require annual charges to maintain their value. If you have such cards, selling them might be a good option to avoid unnecessary charges. Accumulating these fees will only reduce the value of your gift cards. Therefore, by selling them to someone who will use the card more effectively, you are not just avoiding extra charges but also putting your gift card to better use.

3 Things You Must Know Before Selling Gift Cards Online

Selling your unwanted gift cards on online platforms is not a difficult task. But to avoid any confusion, it is essential to be well-informed. Here are three crucial things to know before you get into the world of online gift card selling:

You Won't Receive Card's Full Value

When you sell gift card online, it is important to note that you may not receive 100% of your card's value. This difference arises because most online platforms impose a small fee on transactions, thus reducing the overall value of the card when exchanged. Therefore, it is advised to evaluate your car's usefulness and sell it immediately to maximize its value.

Choose a Company That Deals in All Gift Cards

There are certain platforms that deal in specific types of gift cards. Therefore, verify that your selected company accepts a wide range of gift cards. This step will reduce the risk of your gift card being rejected during the selling process.

Exchange Your Card at Reputed Websites

When looking to sell your gift cards online, prioritize reputable websites to safeguard against potential scams or fraud. Conduct detailed research before proceeding with any transactions to ensure a secure and reliable exchange process.

Top Websites for Instant Gift Card Sales

Before enjoying the benefits of turning your Baskin-Robbins gift cards into cash, you must first find the best platforms for selling them. To simplify your search, we've gathered a list of top websites that help you sell gift cards online.

Cash For Gift Card

When considering selling gift cards, Cash For Gift Card is a standout option. Renowned for its instant conversion of bulk gift cards, the site offers competitive rates for your cards. The website has partnered with multiple card companies and deals with a broad range of 700+ gift cards. The plus point is that you can get the payout amount within 10-60 minutes.


CardCash is the second most top-rated website for selling gift cards online. With a wide range of accepted brands and competitive rates, sellers can easily get instant cash for gift cards for immediate payment. The website's secure transaction process and responsive customer support further enhance the selling experience, making CardCash a preferred choice for those looking to sell gift card online quickly and conveniently.


Raise, accessible on both iOS and Android devices, is renowned as one of the top platforms for selling gift cards online. This website is designed to help users save money and earn rewards. The best part is that it offers an estimation of your earnings before you list a gift card for sale.

To start with the process, you have to create a free account and provide details such as the card's serial number, PIN, balance, and desired selling price. While there's a 15% seller fee, selling physical gift cards incurs either a $2.75 fee or a 1% fee, whichever is higher.


From instant cash to avoiding unnecessary charges, we have discussed several reasons, highlighting why you should sell your gift card online. With all these compelling reasons, it is important that you utilize only the top-rated websites to sell your gift cards. However, the availability of multiple online platforms often leaves people with a series of questions.

Therefore, we have mentioned several factors that can help people navigate these problems without any hitch. If you are thinking of selling your gift cards online, trust our website, Cash For Gift Card. We help our clients convert their unused and unwanted cards into cash, especially in times of financial crises. Contact us today to sale gift card instantly.