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Are you tired of seeing those stacks of unused gift cards piling up in a drawer, gathering dust? Well, with the option to convert your gift card balance into cash, you now have the opportunity to transform these insignificant plastic cards into something valuable. One way to do this is by selling them on online platforms, allowing you to get cash for gift cards instantly. So, if you are looking to sell your Airbnb gift card, then we have got you. This blog covers everything from checking the current balance of your card to selling them online.

Airbnb Gift Card: Your Way to Instant Cash

Similar to vouchers, Airbnb gift cards allow consumers to book a stay at affordable rates. With over 34,000 locations, one can rent a private room or an entire property for their stay. While these cards offer exciting deals, they may not be useful for every individual. Fortunately, Airbnb provides its customers with the opportunity to use instant cash for gift cards, offering a convenient alternative to those wanting financial flexibility.

Things to Consider Before Selling Your Gift Card

With the availability of multiple online platforms, one can easily sell gift cards in the market. But before directly jumping into the selling process, people need to be mindful of certain factors to ensure a great deal.

Market Rates of Your Gift Card

To get the best deals, it's essential to thoroughly research the market rates of your gift cards. With significant rate differences among different sites, there are high chances of getting scammed and selling your gift card for less than its actual value. By conducting comprehensive research, you can maximize the value of your gift card sale while minimizing the risk of exploitation.

Ask for the Payment Method

When selling your Airbnb gift card, it's crucial to inquire about the payment method beforehand. Understand how the platform handles payouts, including any transaction fees. Additionally, clarify the timeframe within which you can expect to receive your payment. This guarantees transparency and helps you make informed decisions on finding the best place to sell gift card.

Verify the Platform's Credibility

Before proceeding to sell your gift cards, ensure that you verify the credibility of the platform you're considering. Take the time to assess its reputation and legitimacy thoroughly. Pay attention to any red flags, such as unresolved complaints or negative reviews regarding payment processing or customer service. This detailed evaluation is essential for safeguarding against potential gift card risks.

Understand the Terms & Conditions

Not every site has the same conditions for selling gift cards. Check out the specific rules to find out whether your site:

 ⚫Only sell a certain type of gift card.
 ⚫Do you have any minimum or maximum values for selling gift cards?
 ⚫Have an expiration date limit to get cash for gift cards instantly.

Steps to Check Balance on an Airbnb Gift Card

Before opting to get cash for gift cards, it's crucial to ensure you have sufficient balance. You can easily check your card's balance by following the steps below:

 ⚫Visit the Airbnb site and click on the account section.
 ⚫Go to the payments & payouts.
 ⚫Under the payments section, visit the Airbnb gift credit to review your current gift card balance.

How to Sell Gift Cards Online?

Selling gift cards online is a straightforward process that can provide quick access to funds. Here's a detailed guide on how to get cash for gift cards instantly.

 ⚫Create an account: Set up your account on the selected platform by providing basic details such as name, contact number and email address. Once you have completed the registration, you can begin with selling your gift cards.
 ⚫Select the brand: Explore the extensive list of available gift card brands on the platform. Whether it's popular retail stores or restaurants, you'll find a variety of options to choose from. Take your time to browse through the selection and pick the right brand.
 ⚫Enter the card's current balance: Once you've selected the brand of the gift card, it's time to enter the current balance. This information is crucial for accurately determining the value of the card and getting the best possible offers.
 ⚫Accept the payout offer: After entering the card's balance, you'll receive a payout offer from the platform. This offer is based on various factors, such as the brand of the gift card and its current market value. Review the offer carefully and accept only if you are satisfied with the payout amount.
 ⚫Submit documents: To ensure security and prevent fraudulent activities, the platform may require you to submit certain documents for verification. Follow the instructions carefully and upload the necessary documents accordingly.
 ⚫Choose a payment method: Once your account and card details are verified, it is time to select a payment method to get cash for gift cards instantly. Among the various payment options such as bank transfer, PayPal, etc., choose the one that is most convenient for you and proceed to complete the transaction.
 ⚫Review and confirm: Before finalizing the transaction, review all the details provided. Once you've confirmed that everything is correct, proceed to finalize the transaction to receive your payout promptly.


With the growing popularity of gifting Airbnb gift cards, people are often left with a pile of unused and unwanted cards. Amidst this, the convenience of getting instant cash for gift cards has proved to be a productive way. However, with the number of online platforms available to consumers, it is essential to navigate the process of selling gift cards safely. To avoid any potential risks, consider using Cash For Gift Cards.

Partnered with multiple card companies and having converted over 700+ gift cards into cash, our platform provides a secure and efficient way to quickly get cash for gift cards. We have a number of payment options that suit every customer's needs. So, if you are looking for the best place to sell gift cards, contact us today.