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Gift cards are adored by consumers worldwide. They're also referred to as gift certificates or gift tokens. To put it simply, gift cards are a substitute for cash issued by a bank or a retailer. As time has passed, the practice of storing gift cards on a smartphone has become increasingly prevalent. However, If you're like most folks, chances are you've got a stack of unused gift cards lying around.

But here's a thought: instead of letting those unused gift cards go to waste, why not sell them online?

Listing your unwanted gift cards online is a quick and straightforward process, and you can even get cold, hard cash once the sale is done! Don't let those valuable points just sit there when you can turn them into some extra money in your pocket. Take a quick scan of these points given below to find 8 different ways you can sell gift cards for cash instantly!

List of Ways to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly

Method 1: Online Gift Card Marketplaces

In today's digital age, one of the most popular and convenient ways to turn your unused gift cards into cash is by utilizing online gift card marketplaces. These platforms provide a user-friendly avenue for individuals to sell their gift cards quickly and efficiently.

Several well-established online platforms specialize in gift card resale. These platforms offer a marketplace that is the best place to sell gift card to potential buyers. They cover a wide range of retailers and restaurants, making it likely that you'll find a suitable marketplace for your specific gift card.

Method 2: Gift Card Exchanges

Gift card exchange websites provide a dedicated platform for individuals looking to buy, sell, or trade gift cards. These platforms are popular because of their convenience and flexibility. Gift card exchange websites are online platforms specifically designed to facilitate the exchange of gift cards between users.

As a seller, you create a listing for the gift card you want to sell. You provide information about the card, such as the brand, denomination, and any associated terms or conditions. Once your listing is live, potential buyers or traders can make offers on your card. These offers may include both cash and other gift cards.

Method 3: Sell to Friends and Family

When it comes to selling gift cards, another viable option is selling them to friends and family members. This approach leverages your personal network and can be both convenient and mutually beneficial. Selling gift cards to close ones and acquaintances involves reaching out to individuals within your social circle who might be interested in purchasing the cards you have.

Method 4: Use Social Media and Classifieds

Selling gift cards through social media platforms and classified websites is a modern and accessible approach that can connect you with potential buyers quickly. Utilizing social media platforms, along with classified websites, allows you to have access to a vast audience of potential buyers. On these platforms, you can list your gift cards.

When creating listings on social media and classifieds platforms, include key details about the gift card, such as the brand, denomination, expiration date (if applicable), and any terms and conditions. Use high-quality images of your gift card and using relevant hashtags or keywords in your post can increase visibility and help potential buyers find your listing more easily.

Method 5: Visit Gift Card Kiosks

If you're looking for a quick and hassle-free way to sell your gift cards, consider visiting physical gift card kiosks, which are automated machines designed for this purpose. Physical gift card kiosks are self-service machines usually located in shopping malls, grocery stores, or retail outlets.

They provide a convenient and on-the-spot solution for individuals looking to exchange their unwanted gift cards for cash. These kiosks are equipped with technology that assesses the value of your gift card and offers you a payout in cash or store credit. Learn how to use a Kiosk to sell gift cards for cash instantly by clicking here sell gift cards.

Method 6: Trade for Other Gift Cards

Trading your gift card for another one is an intriguing method to maximize the value of your unused cards and get ones that better suit your preferences. Gift card swapping involves exchanging your existing gift card for one from a different retailer or brand.

This method can be appealing if you have a gift card that you don't plan to use but would prefer a different store or restaurant. It's essentially a win-win situation as both parties get a card they are more likely to use. Several online platforms and services are designed to facilitate gift card trades.

Method 7: Sell to Gift Card Buying Services

Gift card buying services offer a hassle-free way to convert your unused gift cards into cash. These services have become increasingly popular for their simplicity and convenience. Gift card buying services are companies that specialize in purchasing gift cards from individuals.

They provide a straightforward and efficient way for people to sell their unwanted gift cards. These services can be found online or at physical locations, and they typically accept gift cards from various retailers and restaurants.

Method 8: Sell in Person at a Pawn Shop

Selling gift cards at a pawn shop is an often-overlooked option worth exploring when you want to convert your gift cards into cash. It's a straightforward, face-to-face transaction that can be convenient in certain situations.

Pawn shops are popularly known for accepting a wide range of items, and some are open to buying gift cards as well. If you have gift cards from popular brands or stores, a pawn shop might be willing to purchase them from you. It's an option worth considering, especially if you prefer an in-person transaction.


In wrapping up, we've explored eight proven methods to sell gift cards for cash instantly. From online gift card marketplaces and gift card exchanges to selling to friends and family, using social media and classifieds, visiting gift card kiosks, trading for other gift cards, employing gift card buying services, and selling in person at pawn shops, there are options to suit various preferences and circumstances.

By exploring these proven methods, you can unlock their value, putting cash in your pocket and ensuring that your hard-earned gifts are put to good use. Cash for gift card is one such place. We provide the best place to sell gift card online. You can have access to over 700 gift card brands with us. Click the link given above and see what we do! Happy Selling!